Eternal Retribution

At eight years old, Jason knew he wanted to be a writer.  He had just finished writing his first story, and knew where his future was going.


Over the next six years, Jason’s short stories went from the original couple paragraphs to a few pages, to a number of chapters.  During his remaining high school years, his interests turned away from short stories, and landed instead on novels.  He started three of them by the time he graduated in 2002.


Two of those novels were based on a homebrew RPG series one of Jason’s friends created during those years.  Jason tried turning the adventures of his and his friend’s characters into novels, one for the original game, and one for its sequel.  They were, essentially, frames of the events that took place during the game, and dialogue between the characters, all captured on a tape recorder.


Jason spent a lot of time adding and changing things to make it flow better, but eventually stopped working on them.  They never managed to finish the second game, and though his main character was born into these games, Jason wanted to tell his whole story, and the path of the game didn’t fit with the future Jason had in mind for that character.  Jason isn’t sure if he’ll get back to those or not.


By graduation in 2002, Jason had finished what he originally considered Part One of what would be his first completed novel.  For a little more than half decade, college and two overseas deployments would keep the novel largely in that same state.  One major rewrite happened early on, replacing 75% of what had been written.  It also received a new title, but apart from that, only minor changes were made until late 2008.


During his limited off-time during his second deployment, Jason researched some different topics in line with major plot and setting changes he wanted to make to his novel, including adding a decade to the chronology, and removing the main character’s twin brother form existence.  He made edits as necessary to follow his new vision.


His experiences gained from the deployments and college would lead to noticeable differences between Part One and everything following.  Originally set to be an English Major, Jason’s dad pointed out that an English Degree and a desire to write would not automatically spell success, or financial security.  Jason decided his best course of action would be a Communications Degree, where he could focus on journalism.


That’s just what he did for a while, learning many of the different ways to write.  Jason also took numerous other writing intensive courses, many of which led to his Philosophy Minor.  Toward the end of his schooling, he dabbled in radio, before changing his focus over to videography, which opened his eyes to whole new types of writing.


He graduated Misericordia University in December of 2007 with a Bachelor of the Arts Degree in Communications, and a minor in Philosophy.  He graduated a semester early, but just in time for his education to avoid being delayed, for a second time, by a deployment mere weeks away.


Despite his change of focus and attempts to break into the world of video production, Jason has never lost sight of his dream.  With the publishing of his first book, his work and determination has turned his dream into reality.


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