Eternal Retribution

Well, I probably should have added this a while ago, but here it is now, in any case.  A page to go directly from here to somewhere you can purchase my book(s).  I’ve listed the big 2 as well as my publisher’s page, but there are of course other places to order the book.  Thanks!

Amazon paperback:  here

Amazon hardcover:  here

Amazon Kindle Edition: here

Barnes & Noble paperback:  here

Barnes & Noble hardcover:  here

Barnes & Noble NOOK Book: here

Xlibris:  here


  1. MOAR New Stuffs | Eternal Retribution


  1. Chris says:

    Sweet! I just saved 1% by buying it online at Barnes & Noble!

  2. Kelsey Weston says:

    This book is magnificent. I’ve had the great opportunity to read it throughout the writing process and its completed form. I was surprised by the ending and I loved the main characters’ intelligence and perseverance. It shows a great lesson to never give up.

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