Eternal Retribution

Well, I’ve managed to get a few pages written in the last couple days, and they seem to be coming together. I’ve got a few copies roaming around out there with some people I know, looking over things for me.  Got some back, waiting on some others, though as it stands now, I’m going to glance over any edits, but basically just let them lie until I finish the book.  If I keep going back and changing things all the time, I’ll never move forward.  Thanks to those who are helping me out, also.  I appreciate your insight.


So, going between different pages on the website of the self-publishing company I’m with, I’m comparing word counts and page numbers and such, and it seems (with their formatting, and forging links between their numbers on my own) there are roughly 48 pages for every 10,000 words.  I could be wrong, but that’s just the way I’m reading their numbers. 


What does that tell me?  I need to pick up the pace…  Also, that I may need to take some time to disappear so I can get some stuff done without allowing myself the distractions (don’t worry, I’m handwriting things in a notebook, so Digsby (multiple IM client, among other things, for those of you who don’t know) won’t be an issue.


It’s going to be a bit more difficult now that I’m also house-shopping.  But hey, can’t let these things hold me up anymore.  Gotta get working on this stuff, and get it done.  Should be posting another update in a couple days or so.



Rock on, Peace out.

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  1. Darkstar says:

    So when am I gonna get my copy?

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