Eternal Retribution

If you’re looking here, you may have noticed I’ve been rather active lately through facebook and twitter updates trying to generate some page views, and subsequently, book purchases.  Well, the page views have gone up.  As for purchases, I can’t quite be sure.  The publishing site takes a month or so for purchases to show up, according to what their sales tracking page tells me.  Some of the numbers seem a bit off, so I’m not sure if that’s entirely accurate.


Anyway, aside from that, I’ve been working on the sequel a bit more.  Haven’t digitized any of the new stuff yet, so I don’t know the current word count.  I will finish the book in 2012.  Can’t quite predict or set a publication date yet.  Haven’t come close to recouping the cost for the last one.  I’m hoping if I can generate enough interest and sales, perhaps find someone who knows someone, I can get the next one published without going the self-publishing route.  Time will tell, as will help from people visiting the page and purchasing a copy. 


Can’t think of what to use some of those gift cards on?  Why not my book?  Go for it.  What do you have to lose?


Peace out, Rock on.

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