Eternal Retribution

So, first off, I finished writing Homecoming and managed to do so within a day (read: beyond) of my goal of Halloween.  Still pretty impressive, if I do say so myself (and I do, since this is my blog).  I took a bit of time off from writing/editing/typing afterward to recharge and unwind.  I’ve read a few book since then, and I gotta say I’m enjoying reading again.


Even so, I knew I needed to put some time into typing again, and I’ve done that today.  Chapter 16 is finally typed up.  I’ve got 6 more yet to type, but here’s the stats as they stand now:


Pages: 142′

Word Count: 50787


I’m not quite sure where my word count is going to end up in terms of my goal, but then again, I’m not sure what my editors are going to say about things either in the long run, so who knows.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by.


Peace Out, Rock On.

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