Eternal Retribution

First off, I’ll need to amend the last update a bit.  Due to some unknown changing of font size, the page count was slightly off.  I was at 77 pages, instead of 78, when I fixed the issue.  Not even sure how it happened, but anyway…


I finished typing up Chapter 10 tonight (finally).  While I did say that 9 was a bit longer than I originally expected, my estimate of 10 doubling 9 held up.  Here’s the numbers.


Pages: 88 (time travel time!)

Word Count: 31776


I’ve not yet typed up Chapter 11.  While it’s not as long as 10, it is a bit longer than 9.  I’m not quite sure it’ll get me halfway to my goal or not.  It’s possible, though.  It’s also left me very close to finishing up the 70 sheet notebook, which is a nice visual marker of progress.  I may have 11 finished before next weekend, I may not.  It depends on my post-work activities, really.  I’m sure there’ll be some gaming, and some Netflixing in there somewhere, so we’ll have to see how it goes.  Spread the word, link the page, drop a line.  Until next time.


Peace Out, Rock On.

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