Eternal Retribution

So, I’m here with some number updates.  I’ve been working to finish up the digitizing, and while I have been typing, I haven’t been keeping this updated with my progress.  So, I’ve got three for you right now.


Chapter 17—Pages: 152  Word Count: 54337

Chapter 18—Pages: 166  Word Count: 59470

Chapter 19—Pages: 177  Word Count: 63408


I hope to have the last three chapters of the the first draft transcribed to the digital realm by week’s end.  I can’t be sure as of now, but I’m a little sad to say it’s appearing that the first draft might fall a bit short of my goal.  We’ll have to see how it goes.  With or without that, I’ve already been thinking about another chapter that could be added, though as it stands it might feel tacked on.  It’ll probably work better as extensions within an existing chapter so it doesn’t much interrupt the flow, nor feel completely out of place.  But that’s a decision for the future.


Thanks for stopping by.


Peace Out, Rock On.

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