Eternal Retribution

Well, it’s not Sunday, but I did manage to get this chapter typed up in relatively decent proximity to my hopes.  It’s a crazy kind of feeling being only ~10,000 words shy of Eternal Retribution’s word count and still have so much to say.  This on its own is almost enough to make me feel that much more successful in the endeavor this second time around. 


Hmm…I’m realizing as I type this that I haven’t eaten in about 9 hours…that needs to be remedied.  So, without further rambling…


Pages: 112

Word Count: 40,479


Peace Out, Rock On.

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So I’ve gotten behind again when it comes to typing the chapters as I finish them.  I just finished up Chapter 12, but I’m currently a number of pages through writing 14.  If I can manage, I’ll try to get 13 typed up tomorrow.  However, as for the current numbers with the completion of Chapter 12:


Pages: 104

Word Count: 38,130


Perceptive perusers of my page (yes, I made up a word for alliteration’s sake) will notice this latest update has pushed me past my midway goal, as I figured it would in the last update, way back whenever that was.  I’ve still got a full chapter yet to digitize, as well as finishing and typing 14.


While the end of the year is creeping up, I’m still confident I’ll have it finished up within 2012.  At least the first draft, which is what I’m hoping for.  I’ve been getting some minor typo and grammatical error proofs back from the start, so I know a lot of that will already be handled by the time I go to run through the ‘finished’ product.  Aside from my much earlier projects, including the beginnings of Eternal Retribution I seem to be able to get what I want on paper on the first go.  I know this isn’t often the case with many writers, but I hope to use it to my advantage to lessen the time needed to get this book to a publishable form.


I hope to publish the book early in 2013.  If all goes well, I’m thinking somewhere in the first quarter of the year.  I’ll update you more as time goes by.  As always, thanks for stopping by.


Peace Out, Rock On.

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