Eternal Retribution

No, I’m not talking about the state of my soul.  Or my bank account.  I’ve finished typing up Chapter 11!  For those of you keeping score at home, that mean I’m caught up with chapters completely written and then digitized.  I’ve got about three pages of Chapter 12 written out, and it still has a way to go yet.  Based on the current word count, Chapter 12 will put me over the midway point towards my goal.  Speaking of:


Pages: 96

Word Count: 34653


It feels nice to have caught up, though it seems weekends are the only times when I can get caught up with the typing.  But hey, it gets done, so it’s not a bad thing.  Thanks for stopping by.


Peace Out, Rock On.

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First off, I’ll need to amend the last update a bit.  Due to some unknown changing of font size, the page count was slightly off.  I was at 77 pages, instead of 78, when I fixed the issue.  Not even sure how it happened, but anyway…


I finished typing up Chapter 10 tonight (finally).  While I did say that 9 was a bit longer than I originally expected, my estimate of 10 doubling 9 held up.  Here’s the numbers.


Pages: 88 (time travel time!)

Word Count: 31776


I’ve not yet typed up Chapter 11.  While it’s not as long as 10, it is a bit longer than 9.  I’m not quite sure it’ll get me halfway to my goal or not.  It’s possible, though.  It’s also left me very close to finishing up the 70 sheet notebook, which is a nice visual marker of progress.  I may have 11 finished before next weekend, I may not.  It depends on my post-work activities, really.  I’m sure there’ll be some gaming, and some Netflixing in there somewhere, so we’ll have to see how it goes.  Spread the word, link the page, drop a line.  Until next time.


Peace Out, Rock On.

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Well, I’m part way through catching up.  Finally typed up Chapter 9, and it actually turned out to be a bit more than I was expecting of it.  Anyway:


78 pages

Word Count: 27507


Didn’t quite get all the typing done I wanted to, obviously.  I’m probably not going to get anymore of it done tonight either…I’m feeling a bit tired.  I’ll see what I can do about typing up a bit more between work shifts this week.  It’ll be nice if I finish up before the weekend, but I’m not sure how likely that is to happen.  Thanks for stopping by, as always.


Peace Out, Rock On.

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As the title says, I’m way behind.  Way behind in digitizing the written chapters I have, and way behind in dropping an update on here (in general and Chapter 8).  So!  Onto the good stuff.


Pages: 71

Word Count: 25462


I’m officially beyond the 33% mark of my word count goal.  Well, typed anyway.  I’ve got three chapters sitting in my notebook that have yet to make it to the binary world.  Chapter 9 is relatively short, maybe even shorter than 8.  That’s also the one I had some difficulty putting to paper.  After I finally finished it, I took a week or so off from writing to let my brain recharge.  Chapter 10 doubles the page count of 9 (at least written) and took me less than half the time to write.  11 appears to be about average chapter length so far.  I think I’m going to catch up in the typing before I continue.  I already know who Chapter 12 will be focused on, and how it ties them to the current goings-on in the book, so picking it up shouldn’t prove difficult.


I hope to have the remaining three chapter digitized within the next month.  About a month from now, I’ll be heading to Indianapolis for Gen Con!  Wil Wheaton and Nicholas Briggs will be there as well, along with some other media stars!  I’m looking forward to it again this year, as I do every year.  A shout out to my brother, John, who will have to miss it this year due to his tour in Afghanistan.  As someone who missed one from Iraq, it’ll be even better than you remember when you get back to Gen Con in 2013.


Peace Out, Rock On.

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