Eternal Retribution

Hey all, just wanted to drop by and give a quick update (as noted ^).  My computer has been out of commission for a couple weeks, but it’s finally up and running again.  Got a new job that’s going well so far.  Also, making my way steadily through chapter 5.  Had a nice ‘aha’ moment last night while writing,though that was slightly tempered by the ‘oh shit’ moment when I realized a good portion of chapter 5 was breaking continuity of things said in the previous four chapters.  Gotta make sure I re-familiarize myself with my own words if I’m going to come back to it after a break.  It’s all good now, a few changed words, a couple added sentences, and we’re back on track.  Hopefully the chapter will be finished by the end of the weekend.


As always thanks for stopping by. 


Peace Out, Rock On.

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