Eternal Retribution

It’s once again been quite a while since I’ve posted an update.  Longer than usual, even for me, I think.  However, I’ve done a bit more work on the book.  Last month-ish I digitized some stuff I’d written, but it was less than a page, so I figured I’d just let it be.  Did a bit more writing tonight, and finished chapter three.  Using the standards as before, I’m at 30 pages, and 10,710 words.  I know that’s a long time for a couple hundred words.


I’m going to have to reread what I’ve got, not for editing sake, but just to remind myself what I’ve already covered and said.  Like I said, it’s been a while.  I just have to keep at it.  Even though the first one took eight years start to finish, at least I knew EXACTLY what was happening in it, and only needed to put it on paper and fill in the minutiae.  I’ve got ideas where I want this one to go, but some are crossed, some diverge, and still others seem to shatter the reality I’ve created like an exploding TARDIS.


I’m meeting up with someone in a few weeks or so to go over some points from the first book, and maybe that’ll help me get a more solid direction for the follow-up.  I have to make sure I don’t just wait that day out, though, and stop writing again.  That does no one any good, least of all me.  Could explain a bit of my directional troubles as well.  Time and time again, I’ve found that writing by itself leads to more writing, and sometimes things end up just writing themselves, so to speak.  Stop thinking so much about it, and just do it, and let it come as it will.


Anyway, thanks for stopping by, for whoever does.  Peace Out, Rock On.

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