Eternal Retribution

So, good news first.  Eternal Retribution is now available in e-book format!  I’m hoping this brings things a bit more to life with the book.  So far, none have been picked up, but I’m thinking that it’s not widely known yet.  I’ll be working on remedying that soon.


Negative: Had a bit of a falling-out with the publishers.  Had some things that should’ve been taken care of that weren’t.  Now, it’s sorta halfway there.  With the e-book release, they took care of what should’ve been taken care of, but it seems to only have applied to the e-book version, not the already released paperback and hardcover versions.  I’ll have to get in touch with them again, it seems. 


Anyway, if you haven’t yet, take a look at my book, now available in 3 formats!  Thanks for stopping by!


Peace Out, Rock On

Well, about now, the L.A. Time Book Festival should be going on.  I’m hoping there may be some good things coming from my inclusion in the festival.  While I couldn’t make it there personally, Eternal Retribution is there and I’m hoping it gets into the hands of someone who would be willing to help me get to the next level with the book.  By that I mean mass saturation versus the current print-on-demand.  I’ve heard from some ‘industry’ people I know that p-o-d might be on the horizon, but with a relative no-namer like myself, that doesn’t really help.  It would be great to be picked up by one of the larger publishing houses, get some weight behind my name, be able to write for a living.  That’s what I’m hoping comes out of this book fair.


On a side note, sometime soon, Eternal Retribution will be converted into e-book format.  Hopefully this will also be a step in the right direction for getting out there.  Here’s hoping it works.  And if anyone happens to attend the book fair, drop me an email and let me know how it went!


Peace Out, Rock On!

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