Eternal Retribution

So, I’ve got some updates.  First, my book is going to be featured during the L.A. Times Book Festival this year.  Yay!  Hopefully that will get it a bit more publicity.  Also, the website provided by my publishers will be taken down on the 22nd of this month.  This site, however, will stay alive, and if you haven’t already noticed, I’ve already adjusted this site to cover one of the major uses of that site, and expanded it.  It’s the new Purchase page.


I would also very much appreciate it if any of my fans (or even haters, I suppose) who have read my book would post reviews.  It’ll really help me with the visibility of the book, and the reviews can easily be added to the pages linked on the Purchase page.


The facebook group page is up to 80 fans.  Thought I’d share…


Sorry, but no updates on Homecoming or David’s journal this time.  Thanks for stopping by!


Peace Out, Rock On

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