Eternal Retribution

*Obligatory self-incriminating timeliness introduction.*


So, I decided the other day that I really needed to get back to writing.  It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with the sequel, so I told myself, “On Wednesday, I’m going to at the very least take everything I’ve already written and digitize it.”  And that’s what I did.  Though I didn’t realize just how much I’d already had, and it took me into Thursday before I finished.  Wanna know how much was already done?  I thought you would.


28 pages.  10,076 words.  Crazy, I know. 


With that information at my fingertips, I feel confident that this one will be longer than the last, and as you know from a previous post on here, that’s the main issue I had with it.  What I’m hoping for now is that since it’s all once again fresh in my mind, and sitting here in front of my face, that I’ll make sure I work on it much more than I have been.


I know I kept mentioning a nice little surprise I wanted to include here on the site.  I know that I haven’t done it yet.  I don’t know whether or not I’ve mentioned what it was supposed to be, so I guess I can do that now.  I wanted to add David’s journal.  A nice little insight into his years at The Institute.  I’ve got nothing written up so far, and I’m not sure when I’ll get to it, honestly.  It’s taken me how long to get back to the book?


Have yet to set up the B&N book signing, but I did figure out the process.  I’ve been holding off on that while waiting to here about a job that may require me to move across the country.  Would hate to schedule the signing and have to cancel.  I guess we’ll see how it goes.


Well, it’s getting pretty late, and I’m getting pretty tired.  Gotta get some sleep to make sure I’m awake for Red Lobster tomorrow.  Mmmmmm.


Peace Out, Rock On.

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