Eternal Retribution

So, though my Saturday post was brief, I’m sure it was quite understandable.  Even so:

I got an email Saturday congratulating me on my completed book, and that it was now available for sale, etc etc.  It is currently only available on the publisher’s site.  The email mentioned something about taking a few weeks before places like Amazon, Borders, and B&N start having it on their sites.  Hopefully that doesn’t take too long.

I’ve gotten the word out to a few so far, and hopefully that spreads.  Also, hopefully the sequel doesn’t take another 8 years.  It shouldn’t though.  We’ll see where things lead.  If you’re looking to order, go to: and click on bookstore.  If it’s not still on the front page as a new release, you can always search by the book title.  There is supposed to also be a website going up through the publishers, and that will have some things on it as well.  I’ve been told the address is though I have not seen it be active as yet. **EDIT–It is active now, from what I’ve seen.**

Thanks again for stopping by.  Enjoy.

Peace Out, Rock On.

I guess they’re open on Saturdays.

So, I received my author’s copies in the mail today.  I held my printed book (in paperback and hardback) in my hands today.  Elation has trouble describing the way I felt.  It was pretty intense.  I checked them over multiple times, as per the suggestion and directions on the approval form.  I filled that baby out and faxed it back to them.  Though I must say I was getting rather agitated (as always when i attempt to fax them) that is was taking so long for the fax machine to connect with them.  It took like 2 hours, and multiple tries for each number, before the damn thing finally sent.  And I only have the machine’s word on that.  I’m sure they had left for the day by the time it finally reached their office, if it did, and I’ve not received a confirmation of receipt from my Author Service Representative yet.


Either way, what this all means is that the book could be live for sale, or viewing, etc etc etc on the web as early as next week.  Hell, maybe as early as tomorrow if they happen to work on Saturdays, or received my approval fax before heading out of the office.  Who knows for sure?  Well, I’m sure someone does, but that someone ain’t me.


Anywho…I started outlining the sequel the other day.  So far it’s told me that I had a lot more of the details for the first one planned out in my head than I did for where exactly it was going after that.  Sure, I have a general idea, some of the more major plot points, but still not quite sure on how to get there exactly.  Well, I’ve got some time to work on it, so it’ll come together.


I’ll post again when the book hits full publication.  Or at least when I find out what the date is.  Peace Out, Rock On.

So, I got my cover design set the other day, and looking at it…I got the chills.  Pretty much everything is set now, and I’m just waiting on the galley copies to peruse and approve.  From what I’ve been led to understand, it won’t be long after that before the book hits its publication date.  Sorry for the short post, but I’ll give you more when I get it.  Thanks for stopping by.

Peace Out, Rock On.

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