Eternal Retribution

So, two updates in a single day?  What could be the reason?  Oh, yeah, I’ve finished digitizing the novel.  Now begins the editing process, and I’m glad for the help I’ve already and will soon receive.  It’s been a long ride, and it’s almost finished.  Soon I’ll be able to just sit back and chill for a bit.  Until I start getting too many sequel requests to hide from.  **Wishful thinking, for sure.**

I’ll keep you all (I can say that since my comments prove there’s more than one person checking out the site) posted on the progress as it goes.  I’m not sure when I want to announce the surprise feature I have in mind.  I should probably wait until I check with my web guy to even see if it’s possible first.  Though I do know of a workaround, I’d rather not resort to that.  It could become confusing.  Not that things on this site aren’t already confusing to anyone who’s seen it who doesn’t know me…and even some who do.

Anyway, I’ve got to send some emails out.  So until next time…

**Edit**  By the way, forgot to add, word count at 51,714, and 164 8.5 x 11 pages.

As of 0200 hours on 19 December 2009, I have finished my novel.  I still have digitizing and editing to do, obviously, but it is done.  I feel accomplished.  I wish it wasn’t too late to celebrate.  What to do…


Anyway, at last count while I was digitizing, I was somewhere around 44,000 words.  50,000 would be awesome, but I’m not sure if the count will reach that or not.  I believe that’s how NaNoWriMo defines a novel, but meh.  With over 8 years into this, I’m happy to have finished it, finally.  Hopefully the sequel doesn’t take me so long. 


As per the publishing company documentation, I now need to write a mini bio and mini description to include with my submission.  What’s 500 words compared to 50,000?  1/100th.  Anyway, thanks to those who have and who will be helping me along the process.  My first dedication will go to you.


Remember, don’t be afraid to drop an email or something my way.  I’m off to do something…a little wired for sleep right now.  But too eye strained for the computer to digitize at the moment.  Thanks again everyone.

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