Eternal Retribution

So, once again I decided that it would behoove me to catch up the digital version with the printed version, and so I have completed doing so just a few short minutes ago.  I’m not done yet, however, I’ve reached the 118 page mark (8.5×11) but I’m not sure where that’ll net me in the printed size.  Also, I’m logged at 37,304 for my word count now.  I think it’s coming along quite well. 


I wanted to throw out a thanks to my viewed who answered my question regarding chapter titles.  If anyone out there would still like to give their input, feel free.  And, a treat.

A cool breeze blew in through the open windows. It carried with it the scent of a coming storm. The windows were frosted, just like all the other external windows throughout the building. The moonlight passing through filled the garden with an eerie glow.

A lone figure stood in front of the large stone memorial that marked the center of the garden. Not a muscle moved, and the diffused light washing over the stationary form made it look as though it belonged here with the dead.

A pair of eyes watched the form, sentry-like in its motionlessness. Giving up her own vigil, she finally ventured beyond the entrance and up to the polished chunk of granite, moving to stand next to the form. She wasn’t quite ready to interrupt.

She didn’t have to wait long, however, for he shifted his gaze to her and locked eyes before speaking. “What took you so long?”

“I was sleeping, David. Or, at least trying to. I had just about fallen asleep when I hear a knock at my door. I wasn’t quite sure why I’d have a visitor at two in the morning. But two reasons came to mind, and you just happened to be the one I thought more likely. What do you know, I was right.”

“I didn’t ask them to wake you. And I wasn’t even causing any trouble. I even told that camera in the hall outside my room where I was going. They could have sent someone else to watch me. Or no one, though I doubt that would happen.”

“No, it wouldn’t, and yes, they could have, but they woke me instead. What are you doing here anyway? I know you were already here earlier tonight.”

David sighed. “Yes, I was, like every night. But tomorrow is that off-site training mission. I might not be here for a few days or so, depending on where we go and for how long. I wanted to get a little more time in with them before I left. Plus, I couldn’t sleep.”

Yeah, it’s a shorter one, but I figured I should throw in something a little more recent.  Enjoy.

So it’s been about a month since I posted a blog on here, and sadly, while I did have a number of view, I really didn’t have anyone answer my question/poll.  I did get one post, though for whatever reason, it was blank, and the poster has not yet returned to fix it.  I’d still like to know what people think in regards to chapter naming.


I’ve been especially active over the last couple days with the novel, trying to figure in my head the best way to progress, since new ideas keep forming as I go.  I’ve finally managed to get the beginnings of part 3 done, though admittedly much slower than I would have liked.


I haven’t missed the deadline from the publishing company…that’s in January, but I’ve bypassed a few of my own soft deadlines.  It seems I can be easily swayed away from it unless I’m dead set on finishing a certain section.  There’s a lot of other things I’m trying to accomplish as well…catching up on shows I missed out on last year, trying to learn Japanese, looking for alternate employment so my bank can grow instead of stagnating, or worse, faltering.  Oh, and trying to find a way to own a Droid.


But, just wanted to let those of you who view the site know I’m still alive and still working.  Seriously though, named chapters…whatcha think?  You don’t have to know me, or vice versa, to share you opinion.  Anything else, feel free to post or drop me an email. 

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