Eternal Retribution

Well, I know it’s once again been quite a while since I’ve updated the site here.  I’ve kinda kept it going through my myspace and facebook and IM statuses.  Though I guess a lot more people have access to this site though.


Last night (this morning) around 0400 (that’s 4 am for you non-military folk) I finished up the last chapter in Part 2 of the novel.  I recently finished transposing/scribing it into the digital realm.  The word count is up to roughly 28,100.  WOOT!


Part 3 will be the last part in the book, and as long as I can motivate myself to sit down and actually work on it outside of in-between-movie time, I’m thinking I could power through and finish it by the end of the month.  I’m trying to decide on whether or not to title the specific chapters.  What are your thoughts?  Even if I don’t know you and you just happen to stumble across the page, I’d still like your opinion.


As requested through a comment, I’ll be putting up a little tidbit to whet your appetite…or maybe destroy it if it’s not your thing.  Pragmatism ftw.  That’s ‘for the win’ if you didn’t know.  Anyway, choosing an excerpt was a bit difficult.  Didn’t want to give too much away, but wanted something to draw people in at the same time.  I hope this works:


Gene Shaw had recently graduated from Berkeley with a degree in Chemistry. He was an avid reader, and one of his hobbies included his favorite type of literature – comic books. He collected them, starting when he was five and kept them in labeled boxes around his house. He was looking to move out of his parents’ house and find a place that had room for him to make his own little library.

It was through reading comic books that he came up with the idea. He was still at his parents’, trying to save up some money he had made so far from the Institute. Some of his friends from college had come over. They were also comic book fans. He was showing off his massive collection. Conversation turned where it often had back in the dorm rooms, whenever they began discussing their collections.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if people really had super powers? They could fly, or be really strong, or fast. Or they could turn invisible, change shape, and walk through walls.” And as always, everyone agreed, no matter how many times the conversation was repeated. This was commonly followed by asking each other what super power they would have if they could. Gene usually took an active part in the conversation, but tonight, something had clicked.

He shared his thoughts, in report form, with the head of R&D, who in turn took it higher, until it reached the founders. They spoke with Gene, and after short deliberation, signed off on it, with Gene as Project Director.

After months of research and planning, followed by even more months of work, trials were run on DGS and by 1980, a working, bug-free formula was developed and employed. Gene Shaw had his own place now, after a promotion and raise. The nice bonus he received also helped. He also had his library. Perhaps most importantly, he had a guaranteed position in the Institute. His project was well underway, and his job now was to make sure it would keep working. Not only that, but he was also looking for improvements he could make. He kept doing research and tests, to see specifically if he could defy the laws of nature, and make some of those comic book dreams come true.

The only thing he had succeeded in so far was to make concentrated formulas branched off the original. There were multiple new formulas. They weren’t enhanced versions of DGS, but rather, broken down versions. He had taken all of the attributes inherent in DGS, and made a specific formula for each.

The necessity for this came from failures in the original testing phase, which led to the discovery of DGS’s only defect. It did not work on adults.



I suppose that it’s a bit much for an excerpt, but I think it works nicely as an appetizer, at least.  Enjoy.

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