Eternal Retribution

So, I actually meant to post the other day when I went cooking, but figured I’d save the post for a ‘momentous’ event.  The other day, I ended up transcribing roughly 6000 words to my digital copy of the novel.  I was quite overjoyed.  However, I waited to post, because, today, only minutes ago, I’ve done it.


No, not finished the book.  Silly.  What I have done is managed to catch up in my transcribing.  Every word I have on paper is now also in e-format on my computer, or as the military like to call in, on digits.


On the standard Word document, 8.5×11, it takes up a nice 81 pages.  Times New Roman, size 11.  I’m not quite sure what size they’ll use when publishing it, but I figured it was a good number to go with.  I’m at just over 25,000 words now, and it feels good.  Things are moving along quite well, I’m glad.  Now if only I could win Powerball, I’d be set.  Anywho.


I’m even more excited to keep on trucking now that I’ve hit a major point there.  I hope I can manage to finish by or sometime in November.  That seems like a reasonable goal, as long as I keep my wits about me and keep going on it and don’t let myself slack off.  However, for tonight, that will be all. 


Thanks for those visitors I have, even if it is the same person visiting 8 times in one day…I still appreciate it.  Peace out, Rock on.

…for me to add another post.


It has once again been a while since my last post on here.  But then again, there was also a while in there where I didn’t put pen to paper.  I’m not really sure that it was writer’s block, per se, I was just unclear about how I wanted to go about the next part in the story.  When I sat down the other day and decided to just go with the flow, it all worked out pretty well.  I’ve got a few more pages under my belt now, so that’s good.  I’m hoping I can keep up the stream.


Though that’s going to be difficult…a free game just went live online, and I’m kinda hooked.  I’ve been putting a decent amount of hours into it.  Well, I guess it’s a good thing that most of my writing seems to take place during the in-between at work.  It really just takes a good bit of willpower to pull away from the game.  And if my friends aren’t logged in, well, it seems kinda boring at times.  So that helps pull me away.


I’ve recently had my web guy set up a hit tracker for this here page.  It’s not visible to many, or few, visitors out there, but it lets me know I’ve got some people looking.  Drop a comment, send an email.  It’s all good.  I hope my novel fares at least as decently as the website here does, but hopefully better.  :) 


Anyway, that’s enough for now I suppose.  I’ll post again soon.  Peace.

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