Eternal Retribution

So yeah, here’s another post, already.


I got some typing done today, like I wanted to.  Not nearly as much as I wanted to, but I did have other things today as well.  I did manage to finish typing all of part one.  YAY!  And what’s even better?  I broke the 10,000 word mark!  I’m sitting at 10,475 as of the end of part one.  Can’t say I’m too disappointed with that.  I’ve probably got another 20 or so hand-written pages to type yet, so this is going pretty well.


Another good point.  I called my good publishing friends at Xlibris today.  I should have contacted them first with my trademark question.  It seems, from what they’ve told me, that there is no law or permission required to use names like those in my novel.  Sweet!  I’m glad that stuff is out of the way. 


Tomorrow would lead to some more typing, but again probably not as much as I would like.  I’m going to look at a house tomorrow, so that could take up a chunk of my day.  Hopefully I finally have some luck in this matter, as I’ve been looking for quite some time now.  Depending on how things go, I may even manage a triple post [insert hyperactive screechy gasp here].


Anyway, stay frosty, get wet, make a splash.  Out.

So, I was at Gencon last week, so didn’t really get much writing done.  Gencon was awesome, though, so I’m not that disappointed in myself.  BUT anyway…


Last night I managed my standard two pages at work.  (I have time in between drops and starts, so…)  Tonight, however, I managed to knock out six pages, which is largely more than my weekly total has been of late.  And I’ve got two days of work left, though Thursday will likely lead to little to no time for writing, being new movie night and all that jazz.  But here’s hoping. 


I’m probably gonna spend some time tomorrow transcribing to digital before I head into work.  That seems to move along faster than actually writing it does.  I need to catch up so I can take some time when I’m off (almost not at all this week) to do some writing instead of just when I’m at work.  Not having to worry about checking on movies or threading them up and starting them…should be a nice chunk of time to do stuff.  And a thunderstorm would be nice, too.  Helps get the juices flowing. 


Anyway, still looking for an answer on that whole trademark thing.  Just started reading a book today where all these different restaurants and other trademarked items were named, so I really don’t know how exactly it’s supposed to work.  I mean, the Twilight books (yes I’m a guy, and yes I read all of them) have specific mention of different vehicles.  That’s just the first thing that comes to mind right now…or, second technically, since I already mentioned the other book (Everworld). 


I’m working on draft two now, as I think I may have mentioned…checking the website…no, no I haven’t mentioned it before now.  Why not just delete the earlier text and go on as if it were never there?  Because that’s the way I am, damnit.  Sadly, January is rushing up to me real fast, so I really gotta kick this thing into high gear.  I suppose today was a pretty good go at that, but I gotta keep up that pace.  Things keep flowing that weren’t originally part of the plan I had set in my mind of the direction this work would take, but it works for me, and actually answered some questions on how I wanted things to run.  Depending on where I end these books and how much I go into the details, I may have to quad this thing out, instead of a trilogy.  Don’t know yet, so don’t quote me.  Well, I guess my quote doesn’t give definites, so it shouldn’t be a problem…


Anyway, enough rambling, more writing.  Peace out, Rock on.  Send info you find about trademarks if any, and send up some suggestions for site additions, too.  It doesn’t mean they’ll get on here, but it can’t hurt to type a few words…unless your fingers/hands are broken or something, then it might hurt a lot…

Hello again one and all…though one very well may be all…anyway


I got another 2 1/2 pages written yesterday.  That’s in a notebook, and that means two full pages, front and back, and a half of a full page, just the front.  Sadly, I had to lay to rest the pen that had been used to forge all the words in that notebook.  It just finally ran out of juice.  I made sure to give it a nice farewell speech before relegating it to its final resting place.  Many were in attendance.


After the heartfelt ceremony, I was put to the test of sanctioning and commissioning a new pen to take up the mantle and fill the giant cap left by the recently deceased instrument.  I found a distant relative hailing from the same lands, and boasting a similar ancestry.  I of course put this newcomer to the test, and he did quite well for his first go round.  I hope to put him to more use today, if I can manage the time.


With all the pages stacking up in the notebook, I figured it might be time to start transcribing some of them to the digital realm.  So I’ve done a little bit of that today, now that my desk is back in a usable state.  I even have my second and newer laptop set up in there.  The old desktop just doesn’t seem to want to start up.  I’ll have to get my guy to take a look at it…


Anyway, ‘tis all for now.  Hope to see you soon.  Stay frosty.

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