Eternal Retribution

So, good news first.  Eternal Retribution is now available in e-book format!  I’m hoping this brings things a bit more to life with the book.  So far, none have been picked up, but I’m thinking that it’s not widely known yet.  I’ll be working on remedying that soon.


Negative: Had a bit of a falling-out with the publishers.  Had some things that should’ve been taken care of that weren’t.  Now, it’s sorta halfway there.  With the e-book release, they took care of what should’ve been taken care of, but it seems to only have applied to the e-book version, not the already released paperback and hardcover versions.  I’ll have to get in touch with them again, it seems. 


Anyway, if you haven’t yet, take a look at my book, now available in 3 formats!  Thanks for stopping by!


Peace Out, Rock On

Well, about now, the L.A. Time Book Festival should be going on.  I’m hoping there may be some good things coming from my inclusion in the festival.  While I couldn’t make it there personally, Eternal Retribution is there and I’m hoping it gets into the hands of someone who would be willing to help me get to the next level with the book.  By that I mean mass saturation versus the current print-on-demand.  I’ve heard from some ‘industry’ people I know that p-o-d might be on the horizon, but with a relative no-namer like myself, that doesn’t really help.  It would be great to be picked up by one of the larger publishing houses, get some weight behind my name, be able to write for a living.  That’s what I’m hoping comes out of this book fair.


On a side note, sometime soon, Eternal Retribution will be converted into e-book format.  Hopefully this will also be a step in the right direction for getting out there.  Here’s hoping it works.  And if anyone happens to attend the book fair, drop me an email and let me know how it went!


Peace Out, Rock On!

So, I’ve got some updates.  First, my book is going to be featured during the L.A. Times Book Festival this year.  Yay!  Hopefully that will get it a bit more publicity.  Also, the website provided by my publishers will be taken down on the 22nd of this month.  This site, however, will stay alive, and if you haven’t already noticed, I’ve already adjusted this site to cover one of the major uses of that site, and expanded it.  It’s the new Purchase page.


I would also very much appreciate it if any of my fans (or even haters, I suppose) who have read my book would post reviews.  It’ll really help me with the visibility of the book, and the reviews can easily be added to the pages linked on the Purchase page.


The facebook group page is up to 80 fans.  Thought I’d share…


Sorry, but no updates on Homecoming or David’s journal this time.  Thanks for stopping by!


Peace Out, Rock On

I guess they’re open on Saturdays.

So, I received my author’s copies in the mail today.  I held my printed book (in paperback and hardback) in my hands today.  Elation has trouble describing the way I felt.  It was pretty intense.  I checked them over multiple times, as per the suggestion and directions on the approval form.  I filled that baby out and faxed it back to them.  Though I must say I was getting rather agitated (as always when i attempt to fax them) that is was taking so long for the fax machine to connect with them.  It took like 2 hours, and multiple tries for each number, before the damn thing finally sent.  And I only have the machine’s word on that.  I’m sure they had left for the day by the time it finally reached their office, if it did, and I’ve not received a confirmation of receipt from my Author Service Representative yet.


Either way, what this all means is that the book could be live for sale, or viewing, etc etc etc on the web as early as next week.  Hell, maybe as early as tomorrow if they happen to work on Saturdays, or received my approval fax before heading out of the office.  Who knows for sure?  Well, I’m sure someone does, but that someone ain’t me.


Anywho…I started outlining the sequel the other day.  So far it’s told me that I had a lot more of the details for the first one planned out in my head than I did for where exactly it was going after that.  Sure, I have a general idea, some of the more major plot points, but still not quite sure on how to get there exactly.  Well, I’ve got some time to work on it, so it’ll come together.


I’ll post again when the book hits full publication.  Or at least when I find out what the date is.  Peace Out, Rock On.

So, I got my cover design set the other day, and looking at it…I got the chills.  Pretty much everything is set now, and I’m just waiting on the galley copies to peruse and approve.  From what I’ve been led to understand, it won’t be long after that before the book hits its publication date.  Sorry for the short post, but I’ll give you more when I get it.  Thanks for stopping by.

Peace Out, Rock On.

Well, got my first galley back last week-ish.  Went over it a bit and found some more typos.  Good thing the first round is free.  I’ve sent in my changes, so now I have to wait for the second galley to come back and to cross-reference my list with the new version to verify they’ve made all the changes.  Still working on the cover.  Had some trouble finding images that I liked to put on it, but they’ve been helping me out in that case as well.  It would be really sweet if they can put together the images I wanted on there.  It’s the only thing that I feel would really work for the cover.  If they’re unable to do that, it’ll (sadly) be text only.  They seem to know what they’re doing though.


Aside from that, things are going pretty smooth on this project so far.  Seeing as how these next few steps shouldn’t require any further editing, and only approvals, my updates can be more frequent, and this should be published hopefully soon.


As a gift to all my viewers, I’ll post a little something for you.  This one isn’t an excerpt, however, it’s the cover summary of the book.  Enjoy.


Tired of tied hands and red tape, a group of retired military members formed a private security company based in the U.S. Things ran smoothly for a while, but the heads of the corporation know they need to plan for the future against the inevitable competition for big contracts. So they put into action a plan with the potential to change the face of war, and science, forever. But if they aren’t careful, they may lose control of what could be the world’s most dangerous weapon.

Okay, so this is actually getting put up a bit later than I had originally planned.  But the game, sleep, the gym, re-filing, etc. kinda got in the way a bit.  But here it is now.  Yay!


Anyway, I sent out my materials yesterday to the publishers.  I did much more editing in part one than I did even the first time I went through it.  There were maybe 3 pages throughout the first part that I didn’t make some sort of change to.  It was mostly style-related, but some of the changes were pretty big.  (insert ‘Office’ quote here)  Still 164 pages, but now the word count is 51, 898.  So it’s a decent jump.

I’ve already had the company get in touch with me in regards to the interior formatting, and will hear back later this week on the cover.  They actually said they’d probably have a galley preview copy to me by the end of the week.  I really wasn’t expecting it to be so quick.  (see above)  I’m wondering just how long it’ll be until I actually see my book in print.  It’s already gone and stuff, but I’m still feeling kinda nervous about it.  Eh.  We’ll see what happens. 


I’ll keep those viewers I do have updated on the process as it goes.  I’ve chosen a ‘suit day’ photo from my trip to Japan as the author photo for the cover of the book.  I’m not sure just how I want to design the cover yet.  Have some ideas rolling around, but it depends on what’s available. 


That’s all for now, I guess.  Peace Out, Rock On.

Well, I’ve gotten some of my edits back, and made some changes, including a big rewrite of part one.  Note to self:  If six years pass between the time you last worked on your novel, and when you start it up again, make sure to give all prior work more than a cursory glance.  Especially if your time in between has opened your eyes to many new styles of writing, and has also given you a lot more experience in that field, as well as life in general.


I’m hoping to be sending the stuff out within the next couple days.  I have a couple more edits out there, and I’m hoping to get them in time for the shipment deadline.  Other than that, I’ve finished up the administrative data that I needed to get done, so hopefully this will go off without a hitch.  I can’t wait to be holding a finished product in my hands.

So, two updates in a single day?  What could be the reason?  Oh, yeah, I’ve finished digitizing the novel.  Now begins the editing process, and I’m glad for the help I’ve already and will soon receive.  It’s been a long ride, and it’s almost finished.  Soon I’ll be able to just sit back and chill for a bit.  Until I start getting too many sequel requests to hide from.  **Wishful thinking, for sure.**

I’ll keep you all (I can say that since my comments prove there’s more than one person checking out the site) posted on the progress as it goes.  I’m not sure when I want to announce the surprise feature I have in mind.  I should probably wait until I check with my web guy to even see if it’s possible first.  Though I do know of a workaround, I’d rather not resort to that.  It could become confusing.  Not that things on this site aren’t already confusing to anyone who’s seen it who doesn’t know me…and even some who do.

Anyway, I’ve got to send some emails out.  So until next time…

**Edit**  By the way, forgot to add, word count at 51,714, and 164 8.5 x 11 pages.

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